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10 Essential Items You Should Keep In Your Car Trunk To Help During An Emergency

Road trips are fun. They challenge you in many ways, not just driving stamina. As you move towards your destination, you experience firsthand the change in scenery and culture. However, it is best to be prepared for emergencies by knowing the conditions of our roads and the type of roadside assistance available. Today, we will tell you about 10 essential groups of items that should always be present in the boot of your car during a road trip, apart from Kavach Auto’s essential car trunk organizer.

1. First aid kit

Sure, your car comes with a first aid kit, but it’s fairly basic. Not to mention the fact that you probably haven’t looked at the expiry dates of the medicines in that kit.

In addition to the basic supplies, you will need medications to cure motion sickness (of course), gastrointestinal problems, antibiotics, disinfectants, and gauze and tape for wounds, burn treatments, pain relievers, sunscreen, and rehydration salts. Oh, and take bags of ice, by the way. You’ll likely need a storage box to hold all the extra medications, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

2. Blankets, gloves, and snow chains

If you are planning to go to a cold place then you should keep blankets and gloves in your trunk. If you have this type of malfunction where the engine stops running, you will not have access to the heating from the car’s system. At times like these, you will appreciate the warmth that blankets and gloves will give you. The latter will also be very useful if you have to change a wheel in the winter.

If you are planning to travel to places where the temperature drops below zero, add chemical heating pads to this list. Additionally, if you are certain you will encounter snow, snow chains will be an invaluable addition to your car trunk organizer. Make sure you wear gloves and practice putting them on the tires before your trip!

A word of caution for those going on a snow trip: never use cable ties as a replacement for snow chains.

3. Air pump and puncture repair kit

Most cars have a spare wheel, but let’s be honest – we rarely, if ever, pay attention to the air pressure of the spare tire. If you have a modern car without a spare tire, this is no easy task. If you need to replace or repair a punctured tire, an air pump guarantees that your tires have enough air to keep going.

You can opt for an electric air compressor or foot pump – both will work equally effectively. In tubeless tyres, it makes more sense to repair a puncture than remove everything from your boot to access the spare wheel. Or you can get a trunk organizer from Armor Auto and save yourself a lot of hassle during tough times. The only puncture that cannot be repaired with a puncture repair kit is a sidewall puncture. Fortunately, these are not common occurrences.

4. Umbrella/windcheater

Protection from the weather elements is essential on a road trip. When you have to get out of the vehicle to change a tire or to check the exterior of the car, you must have an umbrella with you as it will provide you relief from rain and sun.

If there is wind along with the rain, the umbrella will not be as effective. This is why you also need to have a windcheater. You wouldn’t mind getting wet to change a tire, but it would be nearly impossible to dry the car seats afterward. The windcheater will also save you the trouble of storing wet clothes until you can find a place where you can change into dry clothes.

5. Torch, headlamp, spare batteries, whistle

You’ll need light to work on anything in the dark, so a flashlight (or torche) will come in handy. A rechargeable is available with options in beam spread to increase its value. You may also want to invest in one of the head-mounted lamps used by trackers. They fit over your head using an elastic band, illuminating the direction you’re looking. These will provide the best lighting for most scenarios and keep your hands free.

A power bank is also a good idea to recharge a flashlight or phone if your engine or car battery runs out. Don’t forget to top it up before your trip! Finally, add a whistle to this trunk box to meet the light/sound requirement. If you’re ever stranded without a phone network, a whistle can attract attention – it’s louder than yelling and can last longer. When stranded in the dark, modern LED flashlights and the strobe feature on the headlamps of trekkers can attract attention.

6. Tow rope and jumper cables

Some would say that with the reliability of modern vehicles, a tow rope is unnecessary, but it can also help you save others! Jumper cables can be a lifesaver – leaving a small thing like a ceiling lamp on all night can drain the battery so much that you may be unable to start the engine the next morning. Of course, you’ll also have to learn how to use them with your particular vehicle or risk causing more damage to it. Knowing how to jump-start your vehicle is also a valuable tip to avoid using tow ropes or jumper cables!

7. Cable ties

Any type of road trip requires either zip ties or cable ties. These can be used in many different ways to temporarily hold things together, such as holding a loose bumper or compressing a hose if it is damaged. Keeping objects from moving in your boot is one use that wouldn’t require them. Kavach Auto offers trunk nets for car boots of all sizes to prevent things from moving around.

8. A multi-tool kit

You should have basic tools like a jack and wheel nut spanner in your car, but these won’t be very useful if you need to replace a headlamp bulb or make other small repairs to your vehicle. A small tool kit won’t cost you more than a few thousand bucks, and it will help you perform most car repairs.

9. Workshop Manual

We don’t have a DIY culture everywhere, but if you’re planning a trip to the boonies, it would be wise to learn your way around your vehicle mechanically. If you cannot get timely assistance, the workshop manual will guide removing, repairing, and/or reinstalling parts. It’s best to spend some time in your friendly neighborhood garage before the trip. You can inspect and practice things like changing a headlamp bulb. This is not only a life skill, but it can also save you some money!

10. Fire extinguisher and seat belt cutter

A fire extinguisher is essential for any road trip and a must-have if a campfire is on the agenda. It’s also wise if smoking is allowed in the car during your road trip. A seat belt cutter is a device that allows you to cut a jammed seat belt in case the inertia reel is not released after an accident. Look for a seat belt cutter with a sharp tip and something heavy, like a hammer. This will help you get out of the car if the windows are closed and the doors aren’t opening.

This is a comprehensive list of things you may need. To find the tools you need on time, get an essential trunk organizer and mat for your car from Kavach Auto. They are practical to use and add extra style to your shoes!

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